Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Work: Cyborg Self Portrait

This is a talk about the art I created: Cyborg Self Portrait

I have not looked at any machine closely, so I had to look at some of the sources in order to know how a cyborg or machinery is like. As I create this, I cared mostly two things: How real the fruits should be, and the way to show metallic objects.
I had a lot of difficulties finding the colour that shows the fruit perfectly, so it feels idealized. (Go to this IdeaBlog to know why realness mattered in this art.) Actually, many people may come up apples and bananas in their mind if they heard the word fruit, but since those are the two fruits I could eat, I decided not to put inside.

Can a cyborg have the head off? Are cyborgs like this?
This is still a question in my head which disturbed me all the time while I was creating this. I hope it is. I have tried my best to show the reflection on the metallic part, which I had a hard time, especially on the fork and knife. Thanks to the gradient tool in Adobe Illustrator.

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