Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Work: Industrials and Environments

This is a talk about the artwork I created: "Industrials and Environments"

I liked the way how the photo of a neon sign turned out in my artwork. The light up part became fire, and its background colour was used to create a pollution kind of feel. 
I love natures and I've been taking nature photos when I find them beautiful to me. What I wanted to do was to put mechanics and a contrast colour onto it to made the photo harder to tell the beautifulness of nature so I could have a better tell of the possible effects.

I personally like the window being linear-lighted. It shows the flow and gives a calm sense in overall art. I also like art that seems normal, but in some place weird. For instance, the leaves are shown only through glasses, and the bottom seems that it is a real tree, but on top is the shadow.

I played in this art. I just thought whether natures and mechanics go together, helping each other. How can there be electricities through trees? What a big chandelier! I had a lot of fun.

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